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Motorways of Pakistan

Motorway is a almost Plain Road Network of High Speed, limited and controlled access highway in Pakistan under the NHA (National Highway Authority).

The length of completed part of Motorway is 679 km and almost 278km is under construction. The Motorways of Pakistan are 6 lanes and 4 lanes. The minimum speed on Motorway is 60 km/h and a maximum speed 120 km/h for LTV (Light transport Vehicles) and 110 km/h for HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicles). Motorways of Pakistan have concreted median and many grade-separated junctions.

 M-1 Motorway

M-1 is the 3rd motorway of Pakistan linking Islamabad with Peshawar. The length of M-1 Motorways is 155 km. the construction of motorways completed in 2007.

M-2 Motorway

M-2 is the 1st motorways of Pakistan linking Islamabad with Lahore. The length of M-2 is 367 km and 6-lane Motorways. The construction of motorways completed in 1997.

M-3 Motorway

M-3 Motorways is 2nd motorways of Pakistan, linking Pindi Bhattian with Faisalabad. M-3 is 2 lane Motorway.

 M-4 Motorway

M-4 Motorways is 4th Motorway of Pakistan linking Multan and Faisalabad. The length of M-4 is 233 km. M-4 is a 4 lane Motorway.

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