Blinken Says Soon To Announce A National Strategy To Tackle China Challenge


Blinken says soon to announce a national strategy to tackle China challenge
U.S. Secretary of State Blinken testifies before the SenateForeign Relations Committee on April 26, 2022(Reuters)

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said he would lay out a long-awaited U.S. national strategy for the Biden administration to address the China challenge in the coming weeks.

"I believe I'll have the opportunity to speak openly about this plan very soon, in the coming weeks," Blinken said in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee testimony on Tuesday (April 26, 2022).

More than a year later, the Biden administration promised to develop a new strategy for overall China policy shortly after taking office in January last year, but it is still awaited more than a year later and has drawn criticism from Republicans in Congress.

In February of this year, the Biden administration announced the United States' Indo-Pacific policy, promising to devote greater diplomatic and security resources to the region to offset China's growing influence.

The White House has stated that it will devise a distinct plan to deal with China's challenge, but progress appears to have been hampered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Citing a source familiar with the effort, Reuters said there won't be a lot of new content in the speeches on the China strategy that Blinken mentioned in the coming weeks.

"I expect it (Blinken's pertinent speech) will cover what we haven't seen or heard in the 15 months since the administration assumed office," says one observer." Reuters also quoted China scholar Laiyi Lai as saying.

President Biden will host a summit of ASEAN leaders in Washington mid-next month, after which he plans to visit Asia. It is expected that addressing the China challenge will be an important topic of the U.S.-ASEAN summit and Biden's trip to Asia.

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